Over his career, Dan Judd has honed his written talent on a diverse range of subjects, from soap opera shenanigans to how to make a home. If you have a project you need content for, do get in touch.

The transient nature of the web means that a lot of Dan Judd’s work has disappeared, but here are a selection or articles that are still available.


Courting Controversy

Lensing in Lewes

Interview: Julie T Wallace

Location, Location, Location – Sussex on film

How to Research Your Family Tree

How not to fall for a scam date this Valentine’s

How to conquer the housing crisis

It’s Murder in Seaford

Creative writing

Dan Judd is also a member of the creative writing group Bourne to Write. Here is a selection of his fiction.

A Bolt to Boultbee

The Time is Now

Caught in a Moment

Climbing the Slanging Tree

Tide and Time