Flesh and Blood

Flesh and Blood

Francesca Annis starred in this ITV drama as woman who upsets her family when she takes up with and decides to marry a new man. Imelda Staunton played the nosey neighbour at her Norman’s Bay beachside dwelling. A second series has been rumoured.

Writer Sarah Williams explains why the location was chosen:

“The sea is soothing and good for the soul, but also ravaging and relentless – a bit like families. Plus a house on the beach
would give me the isolation I wanted for this family, and be a place where you really depend on the support of your neighbours. Then
there are the visuals of course. We were so lucky with the weather when we shot this, we had bright sunshine and big blue skies which
contrast nicely with the rising family tensions.”

For Francesca Annis the filming was a treat, one that brought back happy memories:

“We filmed in Eastbourne. Vivien and Mary’s houses are right on thebeach front. It was amazing. You opened the door and the sand came
up to the porch. It was a blistering sunny summer when we filmed. Absolute heaven.

“I stayed at the Grand Hotel in Eastbourne while filming during the summer of 2019. And I have pictures of my mother at the same hotel
in 1919 – exactly 100 years before me. On holiday. I was incredibly moved by that. To think I was staying at the same place that my
mother had stayed in a century before. I found that very moving.

Russell Tovey, who played her son, found the location Norman’s Bay near Eastbourne a pleasant surprise.

“We filmed a lot of the drama in Eastbourne. The family home is on the beach, so you can walk up from the sea into the house. It was an
amazing location. Eastbourne is lovely. I had no idea. Really beautiful.