Mr Holmes

The Coastguard Cottages and the view of the Seven Sisters proved a beautiful backdrop for a clifftop walk for a retired Sherlock, played deliciously by Sir Ian McKellen. The same location as used for the TV series Luther starring Idris  Elber – wo very different detectives hiding out in the same Sussex locale!

And for Holmes’ retirement retreat, Locations Manager Richard George chose Wickham Farm, a National Trust B&B near Rye.


If you visit the nearby village of East Dean, there is a cottage located near the Tiger Inn with a Blue Plaque proclaiming it to be the retirement home of Sherlock Holmes. This is because fans and researchers have worked out from clues in the book, His Last Bow, that this could be the location that could have provided Conan Doyle with inspiration. In the preface he wrote that Holmes retired to “a small farm upon the Downs, five miles from Eastbourne”.

How to find the location